Uptown Mandolin Quartet
Lawrence, KS
CONTACT:Jeff Dearinger
EMAIL:Jeff Dearinger
WEBSITE: http://www.mandolincafe.com/scores.html

The Uptown Mandolin Quartet of Lawrence, Kansas, has a twenty year tradition of performing classical music on mandolin family instruments. The quartet seeks out music from all periods that will enhance the unique sound quality of the mandolin. Some standard string quartet literature is used, but often pieces are arranged by its founder and director, Jeff Dearinger.

The Uptown Mandolin Quartet performs both formal and informal concerts in and around Lawrence, Kansas. They also provide music for weddings, receptions, art gallery openings, theater productions and parties.

They evolved from an ensemble founded in 1973 by Jeff Dearinger. The original group, the Lawrence Mandolin & Guitar Ensemble, varied in size and instrumentation and became a quartet in 1981. All the members learned to play their instruments specifically for this ensemble.

Beth Dearinger first picked up a mandolin in 1974, Charles Higginson took up the mandola in 1976 and Mike Stewart traded his violin for a mandolin in 1992.

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