Welcome to the Classical Mandolin Society of America!

North America’s only organization promoting and nurturing the art of classical mandolin playing and the mandolin family of instruments.

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Some Convention News

Are you a mandola or mandocello player but don't want to cart your instrument to Santa Rosa?  There will be at least one mandola and mandocello available to be borrowed for use in the en masse orchestra. We know that the airlines can make large instrument transport...

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Convention Room Shares

Are you looking for a room-mate to share the expense of a hotel room? Provide your name to Carol Ginsburg at gizmos@earthlink.net and she will try to match you with other individuals who are also looking for a room-mate.

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Registration is now open for CMSA 2018: November 14 – 18 in Santa Rosa, CA

The Aurora Mandolin Orchestra, the Gravenstein Mandolin Ensemble and the San Francisco Mandolin Orchestra are pleased to host the 2018 CMSA Convention in Santa Rosa, CA.

The Classical Mandolin Society of America invites you to join our organization!


Membership gives you access to, and makes you part of, the international mandolin community. It provides an opportunity to meet great players, teachers and kindred spirits and to gain life-long friends. Participating will help you grow as a musician.


The CMSA hosts an annual fall convention at a different location in North America each year. This is a chance for members to meet, exchange ideas, and perform. It’s an opportunity to learn from and be inspired by leading professionals.


Receive the quarterly Mandolin Journal with news, informative articles and reviews. Gain full access to all areas of the CMSA website, including valuable member-only features such as music downloads and classified ad postings.