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Chicago Mandolin Orchestra, 1936

Erich O. Legner (bottom row, 3rd from left) Erich Fred Legner, Professor Emeritus, University of California (received 12/2011) Who were they? Known and Unknown Mandolin Ensemble Photos From The Past This is something Dave Betts has wanted to do for a long...

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Clifford-Essex Bass Mandolin (Mandobass)

This is a rare Clifford-Essex Bass Mandolin (mandobass). In 1965, I was playing upright bass with a folk group called "The County Set". I went to John Alvey Turner's shop with the banjo player to buy some banjo strings. While we were there we started...

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CMSA 2018: November 14 – 18 in Santa Rosa

The Aurora Mandolin Orchestra, the Gravenstein Mandolin Ensemble and the San Francisco Mandolin Orchestra are pleased to host the 2018 CMSA Convention in Santa Rosa, CA.

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