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Our purpose is to promote and support the art of classical mandolin playing in North America. CMSA efforts include education and resources to support existing and new orchestras. We provide grants for teaching and promotion, materials and instruments. We also offer scholarships to allow students to attend our annual convention.

This non-profit society was formed in 1986 by Norman Levine, a businessman, publisher and philanthropist who has been called “the financial and spiritual impresario of the mandolin world.” Norman saw mandolin organizations in Europe and had the vision of a similar North American community of mandolinists. Since the CMSA was formed, interest in classical mandolin has surged and new mandolin orchestras have been formed in Atlanta, Louisville, Minneapolis, Nashville, Dayton and Montreal.

The CMSA has over 400 members representing most U.S. states and Canadian provinces and several other countries. Our members include mandolinists, guitarists, mandola and mandocello players, conductors, teachers and composers. Members have a variety of backgrounds from bluegrass to jazz to classical. Playing ability ranges from beginners to professionals.  Interest in the mandolin continues to grow as more people are attracted to the beauty of its sound and discover the joy of making music with other people.

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