Grant Program

At the CMSA Board meeting on October 20, 2006, (and re-approved at the 2007 Convention) the CMSA Board approved an annual budget of $3,000 for grants to be awarded under the CMSA Grant Program. If you have an idea or project for which you would like to receive a grant, please consider submitting a Grant Proposal to the CMSA Grant Committee. Projects should be structured with the objective of increasing the number of mandolin musicians in North America with an emphasis on classical mandolin musicians. We encourage you to be creative!

In priority order, grants will be awarded to:

  • Teach mandolin playing technique to students (with an emphasis on recruiting new players)
  • Distribute mandolin teaching materials to students, programs, and orchestra libraries
  • Provide mandolin instruments to youth music programs
  • Increase the awareness of classical mandolin music in the community

Grant proposals must include:

  • Project Title
  • Amount Requested
  • Project Sponsor (The Project Sponsor must be a CMSA member in good standing)
  • Project Contact
  • Project Description and Timetable
  • Discussion of how your project meets the objectives of the CMSA Grant Program
  • Discussion of how the success of your project will be measured and reported to the Grant Committee
  • Description of any matching grants associated with your project

Completed grant proposals must be received by the CMSA Grant Review committee by April 1 each year. Approved grants will be awarded on or about July 1st.