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Passing of Steve Komine

12 October 2022

Susumu “Steve” Komine (1949-2022) passed away in July 2022. Originally from Japan, Steve resided with his family in Irvine, California. Until his retirement, Steve was chairman of the U.S. subsidiary of a Japanese trading company. Steve’s ashes are buried in Tokyo, Japan. Steve started mandola at his high school. Throughout his college era, he formed life-long friendships with school mates as well as with music. His long-time friends reunited almost every year, even 30 years after graduation, and sometimes enjoyed traveling together.

Many of you will remember Steve from the mandola (octave mandolin) section at CMSA conventions and mandolin camps. Though a quiet person, Steve’s beautiful music and kindness spoke loudly. We will miss him.

Photo 1: Steve (right) at age of 18 (1972) at the Matsumoto Castle. On the way to a college concert tour!
Photo 2 (2003): Steve performs “Santa Lucia” in Irvine
Photo 3 (2007): Steve and his mandolin club classmates
Photo 4 (2016): CMSA in Philadelphia: Taku Hijikata, Steve Mukaida, Steve Komine
Photo 5 (2018):
San Diego Classical Mandolin Camp
Photo 6 (2018): CMSA in Santa Rosa: Steve Komine, Takumi Mamiya, Koko Peters