EnMasse Orchestra Performances

Carlo Aonzo, conductor; Stefano Squarzina, composer in residence

The Art of the Rag

by Neil Gladd | En Masse 2008

Destiny Waltz

by S. Baines (arr J. Jensen) | En Masse 2008

Restless Waters

by W. Rimer (arr C. Noordzij) | En Masse 2008

C.P.O. Rhapsody: Preludio Metropolitano

by Stefano Squarzina | En Masse 2008

C.P.O. Rhapsody: Prima Chanson

by Stefano Squarzina | En Masse 2008

C.P.O. Rhapsody: Samba di Mezzanotte

by Stefano Squarzina | En Masse 2008

2008 Playing Contest

The Norman Levine Playing Contest was held at the annual CMSA Conventions from 2001 through 2011 (except 2009). Following are the contest winners.

FIRST PLACE: Jonathan Rudie (solo mandolin)
Ballad (Marlo Straus)
Nona Nona (Carlo Aonzo)

 Stefan Mildenberger
Courante from Cello Suite No 1 (J.S. Bach)

 David Westwick
Diferencias (Victor Kioulaphides)

 Mark Freemantle (solo mandocello)
Loss for Words (Mark Freemantle)


Joe Brent (mandolin) & Andrew Gerle (piano)

Concerto in E, 1st Mvmt

by Johann Sebastian Bach | Friday

Five Selections from "Seven Popular Spanish Songs"

by Manuel De Falla | Friday

Two Selections from "Rayas y Cuadrados (Stripes and Squares)"

by Pablo Santiago Chin | Friday

Duo for Mandolin and Piano

by Andrew Gerle | Friday

Carlo Aonzo (mandolin) & Rene Izquierdo (guitar)

Three Movements from "Sonata Concertata" - Allegro Spiritoso

by Nicola Paganini | Friday

Three Movements from "Sonata Concertata" - Andante Adagio (Asai Espressivo)

by Nicola Paganini | Friday

Three Movements from "Sonata Concertata" - Rondo

by Nicola Paganini | Friday

Two Movements from "Kaze" - Aria

by Katsumi Nagaoka | Friday

Two Movements from "Kaze" - Allegretto Malinconico

by Katsumi Nagaoka | Friday

Carlo Aonzo (solo mandolin)

Ali for Flying (Wings for Flying)

by Carlo Aonzo | Friday

2008 Gala Concert

Preville Mandolin & Guitar Orchestra – Johanna Hebing Conducting

Le Festa Splendora

by Johan Kok | 2008 Gala Concert

Rene Ezquierdo (solo guitar)

Guajira a Mi Madre

by Antonio Rojas | 2008 Gala Concert

Joe Brent (solo mandolin)

Georgia on my Mind

by Hoagy Carmichael | 2008 Gala Concert

Sing a Song of Song

by Kenny Garrett | 2008 Gala Concert

Freedom Jazz Dance

by Eddie Harris | 2008 Gala Concert

Halloween on the Barbary Coast

by The Flaming Lips | 2008 Gala Concert

Carlo Aonzo (mandolin) & Rene Ezquierdo (guitar)


by Raffaele Calace | 2008 Gala Concert


by Raffaele Calace | 2008 Gala Concert

Serenata Malinconica

by Raffaele Calace | 2008 Gala Concert

Valzer Fantastico

by Enrico Marucelli | 2008 Gala Concert

Tamara Volskaya (domra) & Anatoliy Trofimov (bayan)

Na-gore-to Kalian

by trad (arr A. Shalaev) | 2008 Gala Concert

March (from "The Nutcracker")

by Pyotr Tchaikovsky | 2008 Gala Concert

Romance (from "Godfly")

by Dimtri Shostakovich | 2008 Gala Concert

Allegro Vivace (from "Overture to William Tell")

by Gioachino Rossini | 2008 Gala Concert

Carlo Aonzo, Rene Ezquierdo, Tamara Volskaya & Anatoliy Trofimov

Italian Memories

by trad (arr A. Trofimov) | 2008 Gala Concert