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Santa Lucia Mandolin & Guitar Club

2 January 2018

The caption says: Kurt Whippler, Founder and Director #3393-2

In the picture margin: America’s Exposition, San Diego, California, May 29 – Nov. 11th, 1935
John Sirigo, Official Photographer

The picture was taken from the Organ Pavilion, which is still there to see.

Hokon Flogstead
San Diego, CA

(received 11/2012)

Who were they? Known and Unknown Mandolin Ensemble Photos From The Past

This is something Dave Betts has wanted to do for a long time… post pictures of “unknown” mandolin groups (or “known” ones… it’s fun to recapture the local history of our favorite instrument). We’ll try to use the power of the Internet to see if we can’t collectively identify some of them.

If you have run across any similar pictures, send a scanned copy of the photo along with a description to