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Nell Wilson Pond

5 December 2017

This picture picture was taken in Orange, Texas around 1900. My grandmother was a talented musician who played piano, gave voice lessons as well as playing violin and mandolin. She was a featured performer at the Orange  Opera House, provided piano accompaniment to the Silent Movies, and played at the local Baptist Church. As I was growing up, she taught me to play violin and piano and her influence gave me my love for music.

At least four of these young ladies are related to me. My grandmother Nell Wilson Pond is on the front row at the right. Next to her is her cousin, Stella Wilson Pond. Lela Pond is front row left. On the back row, second from the left is Lillie Pond, Lela’s twin sister. Unfortunately, I have not been able to identify the other girls.

Lloyd Pond

(received 3/2016)

Who were they? Known and Unknown Mandolin Ensemble Photos From The Past

This is something Dave Betts has wanted to do for a long time… post pictures of “unknown” mandolin groups (or “known” ones… it’s fun to recapture the local history of our favorite instrument). We’ll try to use the power of the Internet to see if we can’t collectively identify some of them.

If you have run across any similar pictures, send a scanned copy of the photo along with a description to