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2018 EnMasse Music Available Now!

3 October 2018

Music for all pieces the EnMasse Orchestra will play at the 2018 CMSA Convention is now available to convention attendees. Videos of the pieces are available on the full post.

To access the music for your part, from the menu at the top, click Sign-in. You will see a series of options to Manage Your Account. Select Convention. You should see the music for your part. If you have registered for the convention, you should have music for your part for the following pieces. If you do not see any or all of the music for your part, please email [email protected]

  • Adagio Misterioso
  • Canestro di Fiori
  • Cobolt-blue Miracle
  • Tanz Suite #2
  • Tzigana

Here are the capable folks who will be leading your sectional rehearsals:

  • Mandolin 1 – Dorina Frati
  • Mandolin 2 – Co-leaders Takumi Mamiya & Lou Chouinard
  • Mandola (Alto & Transposed) – Joel Hobbs
  • Octave Mandolin – Bob Margo
  • Mandocello – Jim Trepasso
  • Guitar – John Metras
  • Note that the Octaves and Mandolas are separate groups this year.

If you haven’t yet registered, what are you waiting for? See you in Santa Rosa!

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