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The Mandolin and the art of the right hand

20 December 2018

The Mandolin and the art of the right handDuring the Convention in Santa Rosa, Dorina Frati referenced a book  titled “The Mandolin and the Art of the Right Hand”, recently written by one of her students, Maria Grazia Criscenzo. Dorina recommended this book for both teachers and students, saying that it was an excellent resource for deepening your understanding of right hand technique.

CMSA member Andrew McDonough says this about the book: “I had a chance to look at this book while at the 2018 CMSA convention. Also , I had a lesson with Dorina Frati during which we tried several exercises from the book.  The book is an impressive work of research. It brings together and presents techniques from master teachers of different periods. The reproductions of pages from those sources are of a high quality. The book is organized so as to be a useful tool for teachers and students.  Here you will find multiple , varied exercises which are of practical use on the road to gaining a really solid technique.

CMSA Members interested in ordering a copy of this book, should write to Dorina c/o: [email protected]